Board Info

The Austin Stitchery Guild Board is charged with oversight of the activities of the Austin Stitchery Guild. New officers and Committee members assume their duties in January.

Current Board and Committee Members

Board Position
President: Denise Hall
Vice-President: Candy Cantin
VP Membership: Sandy Crow
General Mtg Education Coordinator: Gabriel Rothrock
Secretary: Toni Cascio
Treasurer: Amy Draper
Region Rep: Denise Hall

Satellite Leads
Georgetown: Cindy Hambrick
Historic Sampler: Roblyn Thorne
Bead Bunch: Sandy Crow

Committee Members

Parliamentarian: Carol Wallin
Hospitality: Inez Eppright
Historian: Barb Vinson
Events Coordinator:
Cindy Hambrick
Newsletter Editor: Jennifer Kiss
Social Media: Candy Cantin
Advertising: Ray Carter
Webmasters: Denise Gimarc, Sue Martin & Dale Ricklefs